Spatial development policy

Population growth, economic development, demographic changes and digitization represent major challenges for Switzerland and its various regions. Working in the capacity of an interdisciplinary consultant, we support the efforts of federal and cantonal authorities to secure a future-oriented and effective management of spatial development.

The Swiss government is committed to coherent spatial development. It regards such development as the key to retaining and reinforcing Switzerland’s diversity, economic vitality and social cohesion. Coherent spatial development policies take account of the various challenges and needs of cities, agglomerations, rural areas and mountainous regions. At the same time, spatially differentiated policies will also effectively accommodate the specific functions of the regions and their complex relationships with one another.

The holistic view of the spatial development requires more intense coordination, substantively harmonized sectoral development policies and the close interaction of federal, cantonal, regional and municipal agencies. The basis for such a coordinated approach is provided by the Swiss Spatial Development Concept.

The scope of our support for various federal agencies includes the following:

  • Analyzing spatial structures and processes in order to identify relevant developments and challenges
  • Managing strategy processes and helping to devise smart sectoral development policies
  • Developing systems to control and monitor policy implementation
  • Evaluating strategies, programs and measures