Life cycle data management

Building information modeling (BIM) helps to ensure the availability of structured data throughout a building’s entire life cycle. We help our clients to make the necessary data available during the planning, construction, and operation phases so as to best exploit the advantages of BIM.

Throughout the life cycle of buildings and systems, i.e. from their planning to their construction and operation, the stakeholders need the relevant data to complete their assignments. To ensure their ability to access this information as quickly and conveniently as possible, the data need to be structured in a manner that fits the specific tasks at hand.

We help our clients to

  • Define specifications: We ascertain and document what types of data need to be available at various points throughout the life cycle of buildings.
  • Define processes and tools: Working together with our clients, we define the processes that will enable them to securely and efficiently administer their data. We also support them when it comes to procuring, expanding, and developing the right software solutions.
  • Integrate IT solutions: We integrate IT systems and develop interfaces to other systems (e.g. ERP systems).
  • Secure quality: We advise our clients on how to define quality criteria and check data quality.