Agglomeration development plan (Urban and regional development)

In the interest of promoting sustainable development, the Swiss government has adopted an agglomeration policy that encourages agglomerations to draft their own transportation and urban development programs. We help the agglomerations draft and implement their programs, while also supporting the relevant federal agencies when it comes to their many responsibilities in connection with the agglomeration programs.

Illnau Effretikon

Around 40 agglomerations throughout Switzerland have established a program that enables them to better harmonize their transportation, urban development and land-use plans and to thereby avail themselves of federal programs for funding transportation-related infrastructure projects. In addition to the task of working out the substantive matters, the agglomerations face other procedural and political challenges owing to the fact that they often have no real planning authority.

The services we provide agglomerations range from process development and project management to substantive planning and the coordination of various planning groups. In particular, our services include:

  • Development of agglomeration programs
  • Drafting of topic-specific evaluations
  • Specification and implementation of agglomeration measures
  • Controlling and reporting

Beyond this, we have also supported the relevant federal agencies since the launching of the agglomeration programs. For instance, we have been involved in both the substantive development of the program guidelines and in the review of programs submitted by the agglomerations.