Agglomeration development plan (Urban and regional development)

The aim of the swiss federal agglomeration programs for transportation and settlement is to secure sustainable spatial development throughout Switzerland. In our dual role, we help the Swiss government to develop and manage the programs while also supporting municipalities, cities, and regions in their efforts to draft, develop, and implement corresponding development plans that allow them to benefit from the federal programs.

More than 40 regions throughout Switzerland regularly engage in planning processes aimed at harmonizing their transportation, settlement, and landscape development. In doing so, they can also avail themselves of the federal agglomeration programs when it comes to the financing of transportation infrastructure.

Support for technical and procedural issues

When drafting an agglomeration development plan, cities, municipalities and regions face a range of challenges. In addition to technical issues, they need to clarify procedural and statutory issues. This is the case because there is often no explicit planning authority for the specific areas that are earmarked for development and, as a result, no clearly defined decision-making processes.

We help municipalities, cities, and regions to meet these challenges. Depending on the specific need, we handle technical matters, decision-making processes, project management, and implementation. Our services include:

  • Drafting and updating agglomeration development plans
  • Securing a basis for planning and decision making
  • Specifying and implementing agglomeration measures
  • Controlling and reporting
  • Organization of local stakeholders when submitting applications for federal assistance
  • Public relations work for agglomeration programs, including graphic representation of contents

Agglomeration-program development

We have also been providing assistance to the federal government since it launched its agglomeration programs. We have been and continue to be involved in reviewing earlier (second and fourth) generations of the agglomeration programs, as well as providing technical support for the substantive development of the programs.

Harmonization of settlement and transportation projects