Schaffhausen Agglomeration Program

In Switzerland, federal agglomeration programs have enabled Swiss regions across administrative boundaries to harmonize the various components of their settlement, transportation, and landscape development. In our capacity as a consultant, we helped the agglomeration area Schaffhausen to draft the fourth generation of its agglomeration program. Working together with community representatives, we defined the program’s goals and corresponding measures. The focus of the new program is on promoting pedestrian and bicycle traffic, enhancing the settlements’ street spaces, and improving traffic safety.

Our services

  • Assisting to draft the fourth generation of the region’s agglom-eration program
  • Further development and refinement of the agglomeration’s vision for the future
  • Identification of areas in need for action
  • Drafting of specific strategies and measures
  • Mapping of goals, strategies, and measures
  • Planning for and execution of meetings, workshops, and other events
  • Provision of process and quality-assurance support

Picture Credits: Schaffhausen Department of Civil Engineering

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