Air pollution steadily increased in central Europe until the 1980s. Although the situation has improved since then, limits are still being exceeded - particularly in areas with dense populations. High levels of air pollution lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in humans. Soil becomes acidic and is over-fertilized, and ecosystems suffer as well.

We offer the following services to protect air as a vital resource.

  • Analysis: We generate emission and immission forecasts.
  • Presentation and assessment: We prepare the results to meet your needs and assess the current situation as well as the outlook for the future.
  • Measure planning and consulting: We develop measures to reduce air pollution, estimate the costs of these measures and demonstrate their efficiency.

Methodology and models:

We use a variety of models depending on the issue at hand. The range spans simple empirical models to complex and Lagrangian models with numerical solution algorithms.

Odor emissions:

We also perform odor modelling, assess the level of emissions and thus provide the basis for planning reduction measures.