Air pollution steadily increased in central Europe until the 1980s. Although the situation has improved since then, limits are still being exceeded - particularly in areas with dense populations. High levels of air pollution lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in humans. Soil becomes acidic and is over-fertilized, and ecosystems suffer as well.

We offer the following services to protect air as a vital resource.

  • Analysis: We generate emission and immission forecasts.
  • Presentation and assessment: We prepare the results to meet your needs and assess the current situation as well as the outlook for the future.
  • Measure planning and consulting: We develop measures to reduce air pollution, estimate the costs of these measures and demonstrate their efficiency.

Methodology and models

We use different calculation methods depending on the task at hand. With simple approaches we calculate air pollutant immissions in the vicinity of roads, taking the relevant environmental reference values into account. We use the AUSTAL dispersion model for plant-related odor and air pollutant immission forecasts.

Odor emissions

We also perform odor modelling, assess the level of emissions and thus provide the basis for planning reduction measures.