Action Plan for Air Pollution Control 2008, Canton of Zurich

EBP helps to establish a binding action plan for reduction or prevention of air Pollution.

In the Canton of Zurich, air pollution is still strong, especially along roads with high traffic and in urban areas. Measurements of the intercantonal monitoring network of the Eastern Switzerland Cantons (OSTLUFT, german only) show that the immission limits of nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and ozone are still regularly exceeded.

In case of an exceeding exposure the Federal law on Environmental Protection and the Ordinance on Air Pollution Control oblige the Canton of Zurich to establish a binding action plan for its reduction or prevention. In 2008 EBP supported the Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air (AWEL) (german only) in elaborating for the Air Pollution Control Action Plan, particularly regarding:

  • estimation of reduction effects
  • estimation of costs and efficiency
  • evaluation of actions
  • illustration of the emission trends with/without actions
  • preparation of report and documentation on the calculations

The Action Plan for Air Pollution Control 2008 lists 23 actions in the fields of traffic, combustion, households, industry/trade, forestry/agriculture and airports. Currently it is in the procedure of consultation until 31 of January 2009.