Urban security (Safety and security)

The issue of security in urban areas is subject to the constant changes which take place in cities and municipalities, and is an important consideration for those deciding where to live and work. Demographic trends in population, leisure activities, mobility and technological innovations are all in constant flux, yet these factors shape the security of different population groups with their specific needs. Systematic risk management plays an essential role in achieving a high level of security in cities and communities and thus ensuring good quality of life.

We attach special importance to the following services:

  • Integral hazard and risk analyses, and action plans based on these analyses: comparison of social, natural and technical risks
  • Crime prevention assessments of planned and existing spaces and buildings with a focus on preventing urban crime
  • Security concepts for public spaces and large-scale events
  • Risk analyses and strategic planning for disasters and emergencies

We also have many years of extensive experience in the areas of:

  • Strategy and concept development
  • Process and organizational consulting
  • Evaluations
  • Facilitation, training and communication

Our clients include cities and towns, along with public sector institutions and real estate companies at home and abroad.

We are a member of the International CPTED Association (ICA). CPTED = Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design