Assessing Access Protection Measures for the Redesign of Bahnhofstrasse in Lucerne

We examined whether mobile or fixed measures are necessary to prevent possible vehicle ramming attacks on Lucerne’s redesigned Bahnhofstrasse. More specifically, as part of a risk-based analysis, we considered the options of access protection measures that provide (a) full protection against vehicle attacks or (b) speed reduction of vehicles for each access route and evaluated these according to the criteria of necessity, expediency and proportionality. The latter in particular is often neglected, which can lead to oversized and/or costly measures.

Our services

  • Providing a risk-based planning approach to assess whether measures are necessary to prevent vehicle ramming attacks
  • Drafting a sound report that identifies various levels of protection against vehicle attacks and assesses these variants in terms of the necessity, expediency and proportionality
  • Providing recommendations for further action

Picture Credits: © Stadt Luzern

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