Security Report 2024 for the City of Lucerne

We have regularly evaluated the security situation for Lucerne since 2007. The aim is to help the city maintain an integrated and continuous risk management. For the 2023 report, our experts analyzed 44 risks and derived 58 security-enhancing measures. We also reviewed the security situation in public spaces in a specific focus. Our work helps ensure that Lucerne is among the leading cities when it comes to security management.

Our services

  • Organizing and moderating workshops with experts and the public
  • Analyzing the security situation in the city
  • Evaluating the risks associated with all of the relevant hazards
  • Providing an in-depth assessment of the safety of public spaces in the course of site inspections and a workshop
  • Developing measures and assessing them with a cost-benefit analysis
  • Creating the cover image and graphic enhancement of the report, including illustrations

Contact persons