Switzerland’s energy supply is currently undergoing a transformation process. The themes of energy efficiency and sufficiency, along with renewables, are expected to play an important role in this process over the coming decades, but what are the specific strategies by which the ultimate goals are to be achieved? We have many years of experience of developing energy strategies and energy plans at cantonal, municipal and regional level.

Richtplan Energie Bern

Municipalities, cantons and regions have a decisive impact on the future of energy, and depending on the prevailing circumstances of a particular area, a variety of questions arise, such as:

  • What is the existing potential of an area? Are there local heat sources that can be combined with other energy sources?
  • Which goals are realistic and pragmatic?
  • How do we bring the relevant stakeholders to the table and line them up behind a common goal?
  • What heat sources are suited to which districts?
  • What measures will help us to achieve our objectives and contribute to the desired effect, and to what degree?
  • How do we design the implementation process to ensure that the momentum is not lost and measures are not wasted?

At EBP we seek tailored solutions for each of our customers. Our first step is to analyze where the municipality or canton currently stands, what kinds of measures are already in place, and where the focus should be placed in terms of the energy strategy. Depending on the existing situation, the primary focus may need to be on the process, the moderation of participation procedures, spatial energy planning or the evaluation and prioritization of measures. On the basis of these findings, we put forward recommendations as to how to proceed, and establish a team to suit the requirements of the task.

Are you also involved in energy-related issues? We would be happy to support you.