Net Zero 2050 Climate Strategy for Thun

We helped the Swiss city of Thun with the participatory development of a climate strategy that will enable it to achieve net zero emissions by the year 2050. We developed a long-term roadmap that defines the ultimate goal, takes account of a current state analysis of Thun’s emissions, outlines the tasks that need to be completed, and specifies the city offices that can be charged with overseeing the strategy’s implementation. The 2023-2026 action plan includes all planned activities and specifies the procedure, timetable and responsibilities.

Our services

  • Analysis of Thun’s current greenhouse gas emissions
  • Specification of the critical tasks and the city agencies responsible for their completion
  • Specifying the basic principles, goals and strategic objectives; drafting of task sheets with impact and cost estimates
  • Moderation of the participative, strategy development process, with members of the city council, members of the city administration and interested Thun residents
  • Drafting the roadmap and the action plan

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