"Energy master plan" for the Suvretta House in St. Moritz

The Suvretta House St. Moritz corporation working group aims to achieve the net-zero target by 2050. We developed an "Energy Master Plan" for Suvretta House including options and measures for action in the areas of energy supply and the thermal building envelope, while taking ecological and economic factors into account. Based on this, the Suvretta House St. Moritz corporation can now align and implement its long-term energy strategy.

Our services

  • Examining and analyzing the current demand for heating and electricity
  • Determining options for energy-efficient refurbishment and low-fossil energy generation
  • Assessing the net-zero aspect in regard to heat and energy
  • Comparing various heat generators in terms of their ecological and economic performance
  • Developing a long-term energy strategy based on economic viability considerations
  • Considering the potential and economic viability of photovoltaic systems

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