Risk Analysis of e-Mobility for Emergency Vehicles

We assessed the risks for the transition from a gasoline or diesel-powered fleet of ambulances to an electric fleet for the Swiss canton of Basel-Stadt. Given its interest in achieving climate neutrality by 2037, the canton was eyeing the purchase of electric ambulances, but first wanted to understand the safety ramifications of converting the Hebelstrasse rescue vehicle site and during subsequent operation. We analyzed various hazards, such as fire in electric vehicles. Our report provided areas for action and immediate measures.

Our services

  • Identifying relevant risk categories that could jeopardize the operation of the ambulance service with e-vehicles
  • Classifying possible hazards in the context of the switch to e-vehicles in probability and severity levels
  • Carrying out a semi-quantitative risk analysis of the hazards using a risk matrix
  • Identifying the fields of action and deriving immediate measures and recommendations for further action
  • Documenting the results

Picture Credits: © EBP, Bettina Zahnd

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