Meaningfulness and opportunities

Our projects make an essential contribution to solving environmental, economic and social concerns. Sustainability is the guiding principle behind everything we do. A strong sense of quality and good judgment influence our work internally in project teams and externally with our partners and clients.

We develop holistic concepts and solutions that are oriented around customer needs and that hold up in practice – over both the short and the long term. The building blocks for this are our sound professional competence, interdisciplinary teamwork, creativity and commitment. The meaningfulness of our work both encourages and motivates us.

Our projects open up new opportunities for development again and again. After all, our clients give us challenging and often interdisciplinary assignments, and our employees need to continually evolve in order to successfully handle them. Individual initiative sets the pace for this; it is a trait that is extremely important at EBP in general. A stimulating environment and a great deal of creative freedom are additional factors that help our employees realize their potential.

Sustainable development in our projects as well as in our company are important to us.

Advanced training and recreation

To supplement this, we support professional training and self-improvement at various levels. We are continually developing our competencies by sharing information within divisions and subject areas, and providing in-house talks and a selection of in-house courses, including language courses. Participating in external events is another way we build our skillset and expand our professional network.

Recreation is important too if we want to be happy, healthy workers over the long term. Whether you like running, soccer, triathlon, pilates or some other sport, our teams are always looking for new members. And we offer bicycles for employees who want to travel within Zurich in an environmentally friendly way that also helps them stay in shape.