New climate and energy laws passed in Switzerland on the federal and cantonal levels have spurred dynamic developments in the heating and cooling sectors. With regional or communal energy planning, municipalities and cities can actively shape these developments. We support them with developing future-oriented and locally coordinated energy plans.

We elaborate energy plans that take account of our clients’ specific municipal and regional circumstances while also complying with all federal and cantonal requirements. We involve the relevant stakeholders in the process from the outset to help ensure broad community acceptance. Our energy plans enable municipal and regional authorities to exploit local sources of renewable energy, create district heating networks and achieve their climate goals.

Our services include:

  • Analyzing current energy supply situation
  • Determining the potential behind local and regional sources of renewable energy
  • Defining energy and climate targets
  • Demarcating eligible development zones
  • Identifying the potential for the development of district heating and thermal energy networks
  • Developing spatial and superordinate measures to achieve established energy and climate goals
  • Documenting the results in an energy plan and an explanatory report