Precautionary Planning for Power Shortages in the City of Zurich

A power shortage scenario is regarded as one of the most critical risks to the city of Zurich. We aided the Chief of Staff of the municipal leadership organization in preparing the city for such an eventuality. The project revolved around large public electricity consumers. Together with an interdisciplinary working group, we devised an energy efficiency strategy and a prioritization plan for these establishments. Additionally, we defined immediate measures to reduce their electricity consumption.

Our services

  • Compiling a list of Zurich’s major power consumers (e.g., the Zurich Pubilc Transportation (VBZ), the Zurich Water Supply (WVZ), Real Estate (IMMO), the Zurich Electricity Works (EWZ), and the Zurich Waste Management and Recycling Company (ERZ)
  • Moderating workshops on topics ranging from basic supply to dependencies, prioritization & waiver planning, as well as emergency measures
  • Drafting action plans for voluntary power-saving measures, savings of ten or more percent as well as maximum feasible reductions in energy consumption

Image: Zurich: ensuring supply in case of power shortages

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