Analysis of the Swiss Microgrid Market

While microgrids offer many advantages, including greater resilience, energy independence, lower costs, and environmental benefits, their market prospects in Switzerland have been limited by high investment costs and regulatory hurdles. Working with specialists at the Switzerland-based Schneider Electric AG, we conducted a market analysis to define and prioritize the market potential of microgrids. Our comprehensive analysis, with findings validated by market experts, provides potential customers with a sound basis for decision-making.

Our services

  • Definition of the term microgrid for the Swiss market to create a common understanding
  • Conducting interviews with experts in the fields of energy supply, sustainable development and e-mobility
  • Validation of our findings through consultation with key experts
  • Defining and prioritizing market potential
  • Developing a comprehensive market analysis with a focus on the microgrid market and competition, politics and legal aspects, society and the environmental impact, including recommendations

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