Around one-fifth of the Swiss population is exposed to excessive traffic-related noise during the day and one-sixth of the population is similarly exposed at night. To ensure the viability of building projects in areas exposed to high levels of noise, we offer our clients expert noise-specific, legal, and spatial-planning support. We calculate noise levels and create effective noise-control measures for outdoor spaces and building exteriors.

When new housing is developed as a result of densification measures in cities and conurbations, it is essential to incorporate well-conceived noise-reduction solutions that meet planning permission criteria and stand up to legal challenges.

We deploy appropriately interdisciplinary teams to arrive at such multidimensional solutions. Our services include:

  • Noise-level calculations
    We calculate and forecast noise levels using Cadna/A.
  • Noise-control consultation in connection with calls to tender
    We identify the criteria that are to be met by competition participants and advise them throughout the planning process, assuming responsibility for preliminary assessments of tenders and noise-level assessments, and provide support throughout the jury procedures.
  • Noise-control consultation for building projects in areas exposed to excessive noise
    We calculate noise levels, advise participating architects, provide legal expertise, and assess conflicting interests.
  • Acoustic-space design
    We provide support when it comes to planning and designing exterior spaces, façades, and noise-control flooring to ensure optimal acoustic outcomes.
  • Noise-level attestations
    We ascertain noise-emission levels for new noise-generating facilities and draft noise-level attestations for buildings in areas exposed to excessive levels of noise.
  • Noise assessments
    We assess various types of noise that are not subject to restriction, including the noise associated with everyday activities, restaurant dining, and sports facilities.
  • Noise-control measures
    We optimize and design noise-control measures.
  • Noise registries
    We assess noise emissions and draft GIS-based noise registries for various types of noise.
  • Studies and concepts
    We introduce novel solutions that take account of economic, statutory, and psychosocial factors.