Environmental Impact Report for the Taschinas II Hydropower Station

Repower AG is planning the installation of the Taschinas II hydropower station. EBP is drafting the environmental impact report for the project in the framework of licensing procedures.

The Taschinas hydropower station operated by Repower AG has been in operation since May 2011. The station harvests power from the flow of the Taschinas mountain stream between the confluence of the Cani and Valser mountain streams and the main hydropower station in Seewis. This hydropower station is now to be expanded so as to enable the operator to generate more power by exploiting the difference in altitude between the existing main hydropower station and the Landquart River. Moreover, a new main hydropower station known as Taschinas II is to be built on the Landquart River. In addition to the increased production of electric power, the project will include measures to control hydropeaking in the Taschinas mountain stream, and thereby improve the stream’s ecological status. The hydropower station is not subject to environmental impact reporting because the installed capacity is less than 3.0 MW. However, an environmental impact report is to be submitted in the context of obtaining project approval by demonstrating compliance with the applicable environmental protection statutes.

EBP is drafting the environmental impact report in collaboration with the AquaPlus Company. Our role in the evaluation centres on general project management and the assessment of specific issues relating to hydrology, hydropeaking, water quality, and various environmental factors such as air quality, noise development, etc. We are also responsible for drafting the residual flow report.

According to the current planning timetable, it is hoped to obtain approval for the project from the government by the middle of 2016. The target timeframe for the plant's initial operation is 2017.

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