Specialist Planning of Schaffhausen’s Ecological Infrastructure

We worked with the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen to develop a plan to secure and enhance the canton’s ecological infrastructure. To this end, we used geodata and expert workshops to determine the core and interconnecting areas. Geodata analyses were used to define the type and quality of the various habitats involved as well as potential areas for expansion of the ecological infrastructure. This planning is a basis for Schaffhausen to comply with the federal specifications outlined in the 2020-2024 program agreement.

Our services

  • GIS analysis; preparing geodata and development of an automated geodata process for data analysis
  • Evaluating data; determining and classifying characteristic
  • values
  • Organizing a workshop to obtain input from various local experts
  • Collaborating with cantonal specialist agencies and coordinating the project with them
  • Presenting and documenting the results

Contact persons