Energy consulting for carbon-neutral systems (Building technology)

We offer planning and consulting services that extend from the initial idea to project implementation. The scope of our services includes energy-efficient building-engineering systems, climate-comfortable interiors, and site-based heating and cooling systems.

We decarbonize existing supply systems, develop new energy-efficient solutions, and provide crucial input along the way to climate-friendly and climate-resilient real-estate portfolios.

Starting with the needs of our clients and the various local sources of sustainable energy, we develop energy-efficient, cost-effective, resilient, and climate-friendly concepts.

With locally produced power, we exploit the advantages of an integrated approach to thermal and electric systems to generate maximum utility on behalf of our clients and society.

Service spectrum    

With experienced teams made up of building-systems engineers and mechanical engineers, we develop building and site-based solutions in the following areas:

  • Strategy consulting, assessments of achievable potential, and substantive input in the context of design and planning for energy efficient and environmentally sustainable site and real-estate development
  • Provision of developer support and representation in energy-related matters and issues of ambient comfort and sustainability
  • Planning and implementation of feasibility and comparative studies
  • Oversight and jury management for design competitions involving energy and sustainability issues
  • Drafting of specifications for development and planning processes
  • Concepts for buildings in a 2000-Watt Society (e.g. MINERGIE-P / MINERGIE-A, DGNB Swiss, SNBS)
  • Concepts for the use of renewable energies (e.g. geothermal energy, biomass, solar cooling, etc.)
  • Energy analyses and the optimization of technical systems operations

We support our clients at home and abroad, helping them to optimize their technical systems and make progress on the path to carbon neutrality in the real-estate sector.