Railway Stations and Urban Transport Facilities (Railway)

We regard railway stations and urban transport facilities both as major points of access for passengers and as flagships of municipalities and providers of public transportation services. As such, railway stations must keep abreast of the latest technological developments and statutory requirements. Put succinctly, they are a key factor for the successful provision of public-transportation services. We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services – from accessibility enhancing renovations to safety validations and comprehensive railway-station redesigns.

We assemble our interdisciplinary project teams so as to ensure our capacity to meet our clients’ exact specifications. Our project managers have extensive experience when it comes to devising and implementing tailor-made solutions. In the context of their project work, they consistently apply their individual expertise together with their understanding of the big picture. The range of services we provide our clients includes the following services:

  •  Analysis and dimensioning of urban transport facilities and public-access areas at railway stations; safety validation analysis and reporting in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions
  • Renovation of railway stations and public-transportation stops in accordance with client, municipality and ADA specifications
  • Development of concepts and layouts for multimodal public-transportation facilities (e.g. links designed to serve motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians) and their optimal integration into existing landscapes and cityscapes
  • Estimates of development potential and consumer demand for new public-transportation stops and railway stations (traffic flow and volume)
  • Pedestrian-flow analyses to account for and to optimize pedestrian-flow patterns; microsimulation to demonstrate proper operational and evacuation capacities
  • Infrastructure planning for all development phases, from feasibility studies to pilot projects and system operation
  • Fitness-for-purpose assessments that take account of all advantages and disadvantages to determine whether public-transportation development proposals make economic sense