Transportation and mobility data are essential to the task of representing reality, detecting correlations, and making accurate predictions about future traffic states. At the end of the day, these data, and the inferences they enable, form the basis for public-sector decision making.

As the trend towards greater digitalization and connectivity continues to gather momentum, new sources of data arise that can be effectively exploited for purposes of enhanced traffic engineering, transportation planning, and transportation management. These data include all manner of user-generated data and floating car data.

Our transportation-data services

We support our clients when it comes to exploiting new sources of data, clarifying the associated advantages and disadvantages. We also gather and deploy such data in the context of projects. Moreover, we offer services relating to the gathering, evaluation, interpretation, and representation of transportation data. This takes place, for instance, in the context of applying monitoring and controlling concepts or when addressing selected transportation-planning issues.

Transportation data as a basis for innovation

We develop new methods that enable our clients to convert vast amounts of raw data into meaningful conclusions, bodies of knowledge, and market advantages. Indeed, it is only after establishing a reliable basis in this manner that optimally informed decisions can be made – decisions relating to planning, mobility services, and infrastructure realization, operation, and maintenance.

It is important to us that we arrive at a common understanding of the problem together with our clients. We regard a target-group specific representation and communication of the relevant findings as an equally important component of our data analyses.