Urban Electric Micromobility

In connection with the steadily increasing use of electric micromobility vehicles – especially privately owned and publicly accessible e-bikes and e-scooters – in our cities and suburbs, we conducted a study to examine the ways in which electric micromobility can be organized to achieve their mobility and development goals. Using our findings as a basis, we were able to identify and describe the key factors for achieving successful regulation.

Our services

  • Researching and processing the relevant literature on regulation, traffic impact, life cycle assessment and traffic safety
  • Organizing and moderating three workshops with municipal representatives
  • Conducting interviews with experts and e-mobility providers
  • Evaluating the available data on micromobility
  • Deepening best-practice examples
  • Developing recommendations and measures to improve the representation of urban interests in regulation

Image: How can electric micromobility be made more sustainable?
Picture Credits:, JavyGo

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