Site access and mobility concepts

No matter what the specifics of a spatial-development project are (new housing, conversion of an abandoned industrial site, urban densification, etc.), the people who will one day live or work at the project site, or who wish to visit the site, will need to have a reliable means of gaining access to it. And this includes, in many cases, parking. However, transportation systems often face severe space and resource limitations. That’s why it’s essential to harmonize all settlement and transportation projects.

Mobility and access are key issues for every development project. We support our clients when it comes to site-access planning for all modes of transportation:

  • Concepts for arrival, departure, and delivery routes
  • Parking space assessment and management
  • Technical transportation assessments for motorized traffic; key data for environmental impact assessments (EIAs)
  • Mobility concepts that improve overall site efficiency
  • Mobility concepts for vehicle-reduced or vehicle-free sites
  • Formulation of specifications and requirements in the context of special-use planning (district plans, design plans, development plans, etc.)