Transportation plan for the Lake Zurich Educational Center

The Lake Zurich Educational Center in Horgen is set to undergo extensive renovation and expansion measures. In connection with the project, EBP was commissioned to develop a transportation-management plan for the center.

Starting situation

The Lake Zurich Educational Center in Horgen (LZEC) is set to undergo renovation and expansion measures. The work includes the provision of additional classroom, the construction of a multipurpose gymnasium and the renovation of existing structures. In connection with the development project, a determination was made as to the number of future parking spaces that would be needed to accommodate demand.


EBP approached its assignment by first carrying out an analysis of the existing provisions for accommodating transportation needs at the center, as well as the current demand for parking spaces. An evaluation was then made as to whether the planned number of parking spaces would be sufficient to meet the expected demand. Finally, EBP outlined various measures for managing transportation needs at the center.


In the context of developing the measures, EBP drafted specific proposals for effective parking-space management and highlighted additional measures that could be implemented to promote public transportation and bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

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