Feasibility studies and feasibility audits

As a developer, you have the challenge of transforming a project from an idea into a mature plan. We support and assist you during implementation on all scales and to different degrees of detail depending on what the questions are that need to be answered. One of our key functions is to carefully balance the interests of the different project stakeholders, and involve all affected parties in dialog at the appropriate times.

We have many years of experience with creating real estate strategies, feasibility studies and profitability assessments. Our interdisciplinary team has a sound knowledge of architecture and urban design, process support, the real estate business, construction law and planning law. Our theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a wide variety of areas combine to provide practical, holistic, solution-oriented project development.

We actively support you with the following services:

  • Providing insight into the legal framework with regard to construction
  • Providing insight into the Ordinance on NIR, noise and major accidents
  • Complying with cultural heritage protection
  • Defining use potential
  • Calculating usage figures
  • Examining traffic and parking issues
  • Proposing solutions for development concepts
  • Structural condition assessments
  • Developing spatial programs
  • Outlining project options
  • Examining specific planning questions
  • Assessment and development of options for phased implementation
  • Rough cost estimates
  • Outlining measures to be taken
  • Defining sequences and processes
  • Milestone planning
  • Risk assessments