Preservation of landscapes and cultural heritage

Landscapes and local architecture are constantly changing - but drastic changes are often only evident over time. Which makes it even more important to carefully plan how to integrate new elements into the existing landscape. We assess the impact of construction projects on landscapes and heritage sites, and plan measures for according solutions.

We have many years of extensive experience in the field of landscape preservation and the protection of heritage sites - primarily in the following areas:

Assessment of the impact on the landscape and on the local heritage

We record the landscape and local architectural features specific to an area and assess the impact of projects on their surroundings. To this end, we use both qualitative (e.g. in the form of visualizations) and quantitative methods (e.g. visibility analyses with geographic information systems - GIS).

Landscape preservation planning in projects

We identify measures to prevent impairments to landscape and promote specific landscape elements and structures. We provide the results in plans with accompanying visualizations or illustrations to make them clear and comprehensible.

Landscape development concepts

We come up with landscape development concepts to preserve and promote locally-typical landscape structures, living spaces and ecological connectivity.

Through close cooperation with regional and local agencies, we adapt our work to local conditions, and collaborate to develop future-proofed landscapes and local architecture.