Competitions and calls for tender

As a developer, you have the complex task of transforming a project from an idea into a mature plan. At the start of the planning process, there are certain fundamental questions that need to be answered with regard to sustainability and user needs. Choosing the right procedure for competitions and calls for tender helps you find answers to these questions. We support and advise you throughout this process.

The course of a specific construction project is set before planning starts. Based on a precise description of the project or service, we liaise with developers to work out the details of a competition and bidding procedure in order to evaluate the best possible, most viable project or planning team.

We moderate and assist with procedures to select competitors and planners for clients in the public and private sector, and support you by:

  • Researching fundamentals
  • Developing spatial programs
  • Clarifying parameters such as construction law, noise protection, sustainability, user requirements, etc.
  • Evaluating and coordinating the jury
  • Developing competition programs
  • Performing interdisciplinary preliminary checks
  • Organizing and moderating jury sessions
  • Preparing jury reports
  • Organizing exhibits and providing media information

We place great importance on the independent and professional evaluation of competition entries, and we work with certified specialists, as well as internal and external experts to achieve this Goal.