Master plans and overarching concepts

Government-level requirements in terms of urban concentration, competition in the property market, and a large number of different stakeholders necessitate comprehensive strategies when it comes to site development projects. We offer a range of services to support both private landowners and public authorities when it comes to the development of master plans and overarching development concepts.

The growing complexity of the planning framework is constantly presenting new challenges in the development of sites and large, interconnected tracts. Some of the questions that need to be addressed include: How should the area develop? Who will use the area in the future? What are the options for re-purposing or densifying an area? What are the legal and political requirements that have to be complied with? Are any adaptations necessary in order to comply with planning laws? What impact will a development have on its surroundings? What stakeholders need to be involved?

We develop targets and implementation strategies in the form of master plans and overarching concepts, taking into account the regulatory framework, site potential, and economic conditions. We support our clients with the following services:

  • Clarification of different development ideas and formulation of a common development goal with the involvement of all of the affected stakeholders
  • Preparation of a master plan or an overarching development concept in the form of reports and/or plans
  • Development of an implementation strategy with courses of action and an appropriate organizational structure for execution
  • Coordination and cooperation with the parties involved through suitable project management