As experienced water-system specialists, we help our clients to plan and execute their water, sanitation, and hygiene projects. We also provide them with expert advisory services when it comes to meeting their obligations as the owners or operators of drinking-water systems. We ascertain the exact food-law provisions they need to adhere to and show them how to secure the implementation of the Swiss Department of the Interior’s drinking water ordinance (TBDV).

The scope of our work includes residential, commercial, and administrative buildings of all kinds, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes, industrial plants, and academic and research institutions.

From sanitation system design to sprinkler systems

Our services include:

  • Drinking water and sanitation concepts
  • Legionella testing and prevention
  • Analysis of pressure-fluctuation and other problems in drinking-water systems and networks
  • Water-treatment systems
  • Irrigation and fountain systems
  • Future-ready drainage systems (e.g. with urine separation, graywater usage)
  • Compressed-air systems and medical gases
  • Tunnel-water supply systems
  • Sprinkler and water-based, fire-extinguishing systems
  • Site supply and removal concepts, infiltration systems, retention concepts and systems, industrial water lines
  • Feasibility studies / technical due diligence (TDD) and expert project reviews

Upon request, we assume responsibility for all planning phases as per standards established by the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) – from the execution of preliminary studies to the transfer of systems to the operator. We also provide support when it comes to operating and optimizing HVAC and other utility systems.

In particular, we solve problems that arise suddenly in existing drainage systems. We provide developer support in the area of quality assurance and apply our expertise while conducting independent system reviews. We are planning the installation of water systems for the Albis broadcasting tower and various external units of a mobile service operator, making sure in each case to secure compliance with the Swiss drinking water ordinance. We’re planning and realizing the supply and removal systems for the site of various residential and nursing-care buildings. We’re also responsible for planning, oversight, and quality assurance in the context of a project to install a water-based, fire-extinguishing system for the Zürich-Oerlikon diameter line and the Gubrist Tunnel.