Mediation and process management

Planning, construction, and infrastructure projects are often burdened by colliding stakeholder interests. Such conflicts can be anticipated and defused by including all of the stakeholders in decision-making processes at an early stage.

We help our clients to navigate demanding public-participation, decision-making, and mediation processes. Our active role includes the organization of analog and digital meetings, workshops, and events.

We organize, manage, and mediate processes involving various planning instruments and at all levels of scale:

  • Spatial concepts and development plans
  • Urban and municipal development concepts
  • Mobility strategies and transportation concepts
  • Site assessments
  • Urban development master plans
  • Design planning procedures
  • Test planning and design competition procedures
  • Usage concepts and project definitions
  • Strategy and change processes

Process organization

We sit down with our clients to ascertain the relevant stakeholders and contact groups and to define the ways in which they are to be included in the process. When assigning roles, we pay special attention to technical qualifications and an expeditious integration of the political, societal, and economic interest groups.

Process planning

Working together with our clients, we develop customized public-participation, decision-making, and mediation processes. We draft detailed scheduling plans and ensure optimal process organization.


One essential task of mediation is to take account of all shareholder interests so as to establish a basis for decisions that ensure long-term sustainability. We place great value on impartial management and ensuring that all relevant data are allowed to flow in the appropriate form into subsequent planning and execution stages. Our mediators are experienced both in analog and virtual environments.