Rapid population growth, an improved social mix or adaptation to demographic development – the reasons for dealing with the topic of living space are diverse. Cities and municipalities seek to better understand the housing market and to actively influence it. We support cities regional and national authorities with analyses and strategies.

How has the housing market developed, and what is the current housing supply? What forms of housing are in demand today and will be in the future? What measures can be used to influence the housing market? Cantons, cities and municipalities throughout Switzerland are preoccupied with these questions. We support them with the following services:

  • Analysis of the housing market on different spatial levels: housing supply, structure and development of the population and demand, access to housing and prices
  • Estimation of the future development of the housing supply in consideration of the existing reserves and potential
  • Evaluation of measures for modifying the housing supply, such as with legal planning measures, municipal land policy or housing developers
  • Evaluation of measures for improving access to housing for specific groups

The topic of “inexpensive housing” has become a central issue for urban and municipal development in recent years. We have already supported many clients with our experience in assessing the suitability of various measures.