Study on cooperative housing in Europe

The Dutch government would like to remedy the country’s lack of mid-priced housing. To identify possible solutions, it commissioned a comparative study of cooperative housing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark. We carried out the Swiss part of the study. While the housing-cooperative models vary considerably from country to country and cannot be straightforwardly transferred to the Dutch context, our examination of the Swiss market revealed viable incentivization instruments such as government loans to support the formation of new cooperatives.

Our services

  • Drafting of a factsheet on the housing market in Switzerland
  • Presentation of Swiss housing-coop models (history, law, financing, role played by residents, etc.)
  • Completion of two case studies, including interviews (Kalkbreite, Wir Sind Stadtgarten, and Halter AG)
Übersicht Genossenschaftsmodelle
Overview of national housing-coop models

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