Digitalization in planning, construction and operation

We have internalized digital planning as a standard and have gained extensive experience in data acquisition, data analysis, data processing with GIS interfaces, data management, and the use of platforms for planning and operating processes.

With our know-how in digital planning and our expertise in handling systematized data, we enable our clients to exploit the advantages of digitally captured building projects in the areas of implementation and operation.

  • We acquire the necessary source data (geographic data, 3D scans, and technical drawings of existing buildings) and integrate them into building models.
  • We support our clients when it comes to selecting suitable tools for working together on the optimization of their processes. When doing so, we use proven virtual design and construction (VDC) methods.
  • We plan for and coordinate the various models and compile these into a global model.
  • We make our models available to the contracting companies, thereby establishing a basis for construction planning and prefabrication. We also assume responsibility for managing and monitoring project execution using models that permit comparisons between planning results and finished buildings.
  • We define information requirements and check the generated models using appropriate tools for formal and geometric accuracy as well as substantive completeness.
  • We support our clients when it comes to transferring the data into maintenance software.