Pedestrian and bicycle transportation

Pedestrian and bicycle transportation, particularly in more densely populated settings, has come to play an ever more important role in meeting our mobility needs. To promote greater pedestrian and bicycle transportation, we develop corresponding concepts at the communal, regional, and cantonal level. We also help municipalities to implement their bicycle infrastructure plans.

In urban settings, pedestrians and bicyclists often arrive at their destinations much faster than those who choose public transportation and motor vehicles. Electric bikes can also be expected to grow in significance in this regard as a result of their growing popularity.

Systematically drafted concepts

We develop comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle-transportation concepts for municipalities, cities, regions, and cantons. When commissioned, we take a systematic approach, conducting current-state and target-state analyses, defining goals, developing customized measures, and assessing the most promising development options. Our experts have many years of experience. As skilled planners and committed bike riders who meet the lion’s share of their mobility needs with their bikes, they bring a comprehensive understanding of the issues to every assignment.