Funding for public services

Public sector budgets need to be balanced over the long term. This raises key questions such as: What public services do we want and which ones can we afford? How can we fund them? How can we manage financial resources efficiently?

EBP offers public institutions the following services to answer these questions:

Investment planning: We help you to develop investment plans for renewing and expanding your infrastructure. To complement this, we assess sustainability and carry out long-term financial planning to secure equitable and reliable funding. Our comprehensive knowledge of infrastructure and our business administration expertise are particularly valuable here.

Financial planning: We use proprietary models to simulate the long-term effects that developments in population and settlement have on your municipal financial budget. We also assist you with concrete financial planning, matching expenditure, income, investments and financing. We work hand-in-hand with you to identify where improvements and adjustments can be achieved, and to develop financial policy strategies for the future.

Funding models: We help you to develop and evaluate sustainable funding models that are both justifiable and feasible. We develop fee models as well as concepts for equity and debt funding as part of those funding models. 

Financial management: We help you to establish and develop your financial management, including budget planning, monitoring, devising action plans to improve your financial situation, and auditing.

We are also happy to combine funding policy assessments with our organizational consulting for the provision of public services.