Macroeconomic program evaluation

Policymakers and government agencies develop a large number of programs. But do they have the macroeconomic effect they are intended to have? What side effects occur? How can these programs be made more effective and more efficient? And who are the winners and losers?
Our macroeconomic program evaluations answer these questions.

We conduct macroeconomic program evaluations for an extremely wide variety of programs and proposals in the areas of transportation, energy, climate, environment and economic development incentives. In the process, we highlight and evaluate impacts on the environment, the economy and society.

We offer custom solutions that range from simple estimates all the way to applying complex models.

Our evaluations draw on different methods and combinations of methods, such as:

  • Value added analysis and employee analysis
  • Descriptive and analytical statistics
  • Input-output analysis
  • Incidence analysis
  • Identifying winners and losers using our proprietary ‘synthetic Swiss population’ 
  • Comparative value analysis, cost-impact analysis
  • Benefit-cost analysis

We are well acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of different methods and actively work with national and international research bodies to develop these methods further. This enables us to offer you a custom solution to address your specific needs.

Drawing on our professional expertise and knowledge, we develop sound bases for decision-making and present these in ways that are appropriate for the particular audience in question. In dialog with our clients, we will, on request, develop the various options and projects on the basis of our results and in line with our clients’ goals.