It is essential to establish the basis for smooth and secure system operation before attempting to introduce new applications. We support you when it comes to the development of sophisticated IT infrastructures. And we’re also ready to help you secure the operation and maintenance of your systems and applications.

We help you to take advantage of cloud services. In order to offer you the best possible applications solutions at all times, we work closely with the leading providers of cloud services. We help you to realize system environments that can be dynamically scaled to application workloads while also minimizing your infrastructure costs.

Our ITIL-oriented support and operation organization is geared to ensuring that your systems are always up to date and functioning smoothly. All of the applications and systems we support benefit from preventive monitoring and maintenance. Moreover, you can conveniently reach us at any time via the ticket system we use to record and document all of our clients’ concerns.

Our services:

  • Systems development consulting: We help you to ascertain the optimal infrastructure for your use case and offer solutions based on a broad range of proven Microsoft Azure cloud services.
  • Provision of infrastructure: We install and configure your systems according to the latest standards, moving smoothly from the development stage through testing & integration to the actual production environment. The use of infrastructure as code (IaC) with technologies such as Ansible and PowerShell enables us to reproduce system landscapes at the touch of a button.
  • Preventive system maintenance: We make sure that your systems, security-relevant components, and applications are always in step with the latest patch level. We also continuously update all system-relevant documentation.
  • Monitoring: We seamlessly monitor the availability and the critical parameters of the systems entrusted to us. This enables us to detect at an early stage any departures from target states and to continuously ensure the availability of the systems.
  • Support organization: Our flexible organization allows us to offer you customized support for your use case. We support you in all situations and make sure that the support queries you submit are processed within the established service times.