Cities, municipalities, and regional administrations through-out the world are responding to the gathering pace of digital transformation. Our consulting services are geared to helping you in this process as you seek to assess the associated risks and benefits, to plan for the realization of your own smart-city objectives, and to implement your own customized smart-city strategies to achieve long-lasting beneficial impact.

With reference to the notions of a smart city, a smart village, a smart site, and a smart region, we show cities, municipalities, and regional administrations how to approach and manage digital transformation to increase the quality of life of their residents. The focus here is on strategies and measures that connect people, provide quick access to knowledge, and secure a more efficient use of resources.

At EBP, we deploy interdisciplinary teams of consultants whose individual and collective skills match the assignment at hand. With many years of experience in strategic, organizational, and process consulting for the public sector, we offer the specific expertise you need. We are thereby an ideal partner for cities, municipalities, and regional administrations.

We help our clients to realize their smart-city objectives by providing the following:

  • Strategy: We help our clients to identify and formulate their goals, strategies, and measures.
  • Organization: We help to optimize internal administrative units and processes to secure smart-city goals.
  • Participation: We develop, manage, and help execute participation processes.
  • Communication: We shape smart-city communication efforts for specific target groups, using informative, visually compelling, and interactive means.

We also provide competent support when it comes to the conception and implementation of specific smart-city projects in the following areas:

  • eGovernment and digital administration, including open government data (OGD) and data infrastructures
  • Mobility and transportation
  • Energy
  • Resource management
  • Building systems engineering

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Smart-City-Wheel (EBP)
Smart-City-Wheel (EBP)