Building automation is an essential instrument for the energy-efficient and economical operation of a property. The interplay between all its components forms the basis for an optimally functioning building management system. Are you looking for solutions for your building that are both reliable and sustainable? We offer you the technical expertise and experience you need to achieve complex tasks.

To ensure high-quality building automation, careful coordination of controllers and regulators for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, as well as those for blinds and awnings, lighting and security systems, along with power distribution and multimedia equipment is critical.

Our experienced electrical engineers and experts achieve this by working closely with specialists from other disciplines. They support our clients through the following services and activities:

  • Planning and building automation/room automation
  • Designing new and replacement systems
  • System and technology consulting
  • Intelligent living/smart living
  • Quality assurance; consulting services re. developers
  • Measurement concepts
  • Fire control concepts
  • Construction management
  • Integral testing
  • Status analyses/system inspections
  • Operational and plant optimization
  • Energy management and optimization
  • Engineering calls for tender