As an independent enterprise, we offer a broad range of consulting, planning, construction, information technology and communications services. Based at various locations throughout the world, our 500+ employees help our clients to arrive at the viable and sustainable solutions they need in order to meet the challenges of our times. Since 1981, we have worked to secure sustainable development in the context of a larger, caring approach to the future.

Shaping the future

With a sense of enthusiasm and dedication, we aim to offer our clients innovative, customized and effective solutions to help them meet the challenges of our time. Our success in this endeavor is based on our local expertise and regional ties, as well as our extensive international experience and competence. Our enterprise has completed projects in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

We direct our attention to complex services and projects that require specialist knowledge, many years of experience and orientation skills across the disciplines. We see the key to success in the kind of interdisciplinary cooperation that gives us a comprehensive view of the assignments at hand. It is then a far shorter step to arriving at sound, novel and creative solutions to today’s increasingly complex problems, and to the questions that we will be faced with in the future.

Taking a holistic approach

Purely technical approaches seldom suffice when it comes to solving complex tasks relating to the development of our human habitat. Such approaches tend to fail to take account of the many dimensions of sustainability. This is why we consider projects from all of the relevant points of view, including technical, economic, legal and social aspects. This enables us to provide balanced services in all project phases – from comprehensive development concepts to well-focused project implementation and smooth infrastructure operation.

Intensive cooperation among employees from various disciplines leads to innovative approaches and efficient and effective solutions. In order to secure our capacity to provide sound solutions in a wide range of sectors, we avail ourselves of the competence of our 500+ employees around the world who together represent more than 50 disciplines. The key is to link theoretical knowledge to practical skills. On average, our employees have more than 18 years of professional experience.

500+ highly qualified employees around the world

17% Civil, mechanical and materials engineering

9% HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems

12% Urban and regional planning, transportation planning, geography, architecture

25% Environmental sciences, natural sciences, geology, chemistry

13% Geotechnical engineering (in the field) and environmental analysis (in the laboratory)

5% Economics, humanities, social sciences, design and law

10% Information technology, mathematics

9% Business management, office assistance, central support services


Customer-oriented and quality-conscious

As a customer-oriented enterprise, we measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients, the sustainability of our solutions and the quality of our services. We value flat hierarchies, our basic principles, independence and personal responsibility. This allows us to make quick decisions and to initiate swift action. Whenever necessary, we join forces with internal or external project partners. We provide our customized services for public and private enterprises, as well as for private individuals and public agencies.

Client sectors as a % of sales

50% Private enterprises and individuals

35% Government agencies

15% Public enterprises