Decisions can be made entirely intuitively or using a solid methodology. Structured methods enable us to develop foundations for decision-making in a more transparent, understandable way. One well-established method is cost-benefit analysis. It compares a plan’s costs to its monetary benefits.

Society is coming under greater economic and environmental pressure, and calls are growing louder for greater transparency in public investment decisions. This has led to debates about a growing number of areas of public life and their monetary value. More efficient allocation of macroeconomic resources and a stronger cost-by-cause principle have been key. Cost-benefit analysis is an important tool to answer questions about the macroeconomic costs and benefits of projects.

We have many years of experience with project-specific development in all its aspects, as well as with applying cost-benefit analysis and other evaluation methods. This includes:

  • Identifying and determining the effects of measures
  • Establishing indicators and monetization (determining marginal costs)
  • Quantifying direct and indirect economic effects
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of measures
  • Ex-post analysis of the costs and benefits of measures

We bring broad experience in numerous subject areas for public and private clients domestically and abroad.