CBRN Resources Concept, Canton of Aargau

The Canton of Aargau is examining options of how more resources can be provided for use in possible future CBRN incidents, in order to deal with these incidents more effectively.

During the risk analysis for the canton of Aargau, it became clear that there are currently too few CBRN resources in place for dealing with an CBRN incident. The Military and Civil Protection Department (AMB) therefore examined various options of how the cantonal resources for CBRN protection can most efficiently be expanded. EBP supported the AMB in this work.

The concept comprises a detailed outline of the CBRN protection resources currently available in the Canton of Aargau, clarifies which incidents would require additional CBRN resources for dealing with them, and shows potential possibilities for support from other cantons and the army in the event of incidents with CBRN substances in Aargau.

Together with a working group, EBP drew up several variants for increased CBRN resources in the Canton of Aargau and evaluated them based on unified criteria. Finally, EBP put forward recommendations for the best variant and how to proceed.

Picture Credits: Kantonaler Führungsstab Aargau

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