Integral Real Estate Security

The risks for real estate and technical infrastructures are constantly changing, requiring a constant examination of security issues. We meet these requirements with an integral approach to security, supporting our clients with risk-based planning services and cost-efficient measures that greatly increase the resilience of their real-estate properties and technical infrastructures.

Our integral approach takes in a comprehensive view of the following factors:

  • The assets: building shell, content, persons, functions and sensitive data
  • The spectrum of threats and hazards: from everyday events (vandalism) to warlike events (effects of weapons), natural hazards, technical events and human error
  • Impact analysis: determining material value, information, functional and image loss
  • Action planning: structural, technical, operational, organizational and legal measures

We have many years of experience in the following areas:

  • Threat and hazard analysis for above-ground and underground infrastructure
  • Quantitative risk analysis based on assessed functional and system values of individual objects
  • Development of risk-based methods for testing the effectiveness and proportionality of measures
  • Development of a testing methodology for audits and inspections on the security technology status
  • Conducting audits and security reviews
  • Providing technical expertise in the area of protection against the effects of weapons and the safe handling of ammunition and explosives
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