Strong population growth in many places and changing legal and political framework conditions are placing demands on municipal planning. Cities and municipalities are having to facilitate high-quality urban densification within the context of planning policy. We support you with our services to adapt your municipal planning instruments to meet the demands of the current situation.

The demands on city and municipality planning have fundamentally changed in recent years. New re-zoning at the edge of established urban areas is often only possible in exceptional cases. Urban concentration is the order of the day. Particularly in already densely-populated urban areas, the greater part of the projected residential and workforce growth will need to be accommodated. Cities and municipalities must facilitate this development by means of their planning instruments.

We support cities and municipalities in this challenging task by:

  • Elaborating spatial development strategies and municipal guidelines;
  • Completely revising land-use plans and preparing for urban concentration;
  • Supporting these plans with suitable participative processes;
  • Working with administrations and politicians to formulate further measures for high-quality urban densification and the controlling of structural development.

In addition to formal and informal instruments on the level of the municipality as a whole, concepts regarding possible structure densities, usage and open spaces often need to be developed for individual areas. We also support cities and property owners on this level, with the preparation of master plans and urban development Guidelines.