Revision of Building and Zoning Regulations in the Municipality of Thayngen

Helping the Swiss municipality of Thayngen revise its building and usage regulations, as well as the zoning plan, is the next step following the settlement development strategy we developed. One important task is the merging of five different land-use plans resulting from municipal mergers. With the municipal land-use plan, we are concretizing the specifications of the superordinate spatial planning as well as the aims of the communal settlement development strategy in terms of content and space, thereby encouraging landowner commitment.

Our services

  • Adapting the regulations for conformity with the Intercantonal Agreement on the Harmonization of Construction Terms (IVHB)
  • Identifying opportunities for densification and inner development in existing building zones
  • Checking the building zone capacity and dimensioning, and providing evidence of the target density requirements in accordance with the cantonal structure plan, checking zoning if necessary
  • Consideration of cantonal requirements for building regulations

Picture Credits: © Michael Kessler

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