Telematics (Information technology)

In the age of digitalization, telecommunications is taking on ever-greater significance. It is inextricably linked to automation. In the field of telematics, we provide a variety of consulting services.

We have many years of comprehensive experience in:

  • The qualitative and quantitative analysis of telematics systems (current-state analyses, technical due diligence TDD)
  • The evaluation of telecommunications solutions
  • Evaluation of measures to improve supply security
  • Drafting cost-effectiveness analyses for renovations
  • Technology consultation
  • Engineering calls for tender
  • Overall management of IT projects
  • Security system design

We place special importance on the following issues:

  • Transmitting and receiving systems, broadcasting
  • Traffic telematics
  • IT networks, wired and wireless

Thanks to our interdisciplinary cooperation across the spectrum of building services we are able to oversee the design and construction, or optimization, complete systems to ensure that they are efficient and effective.

Our clients include developers and system operators in Switzerland and abroad, in both the public and private sectors.