Our methodical and professional competence and our integrated approach allow us to ensure reliable fire safety in buildings and infrastructures, in both complex and straightforward projects alike, developing effective structural, organizational and technical measures. In addition to consulting, planning and monitoring the implementation of fire protection concepts, our services also cover the development of fire protection concepts on the basis of risk-based methods.

Our extensive and comprehensive experience includes:

  • Drafting specific protection concepts with defined protection goals
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis and assessment of fire risks to persons, property and the environment (risk-based methods)
  • Evaluation and prioritization of measures for effective fire protection
  • Consulting, planning and monitoring the implementation of structural, technical and organizational fire protection measures.

We place special importance on the following issues:

  • Fire protection concepts for implementing the requirement of the Vereinigung Kantonaler Feuerversicherungen (Association of Swiss Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies) (VKF)
  • Acceptance of services in accordance with quality-assurance-stages requirements (QSS 1-4)
  • Risk and event-based fire protection concepts for specific uses and needs (for example ensuring business continuity in the industry)
  • Fire safety in facade construction and structural components

Through our close contact with authorities, companies and universities our work is based on the current state of research and practice. Our customers are builders, architects and operators of properties and infrastructures.