You have the complex task of planning and implementing a construction project. Whether you need an audit at the end of a construction phase or project quality management (PQM) for the entire duration of a project, we support you during all phases of planning, contracting and execution, and help you meet your time, cost and quality targets. We also provide financial planning consulting while you are developing and implementing your project.

Our project quality management service guarantees periodic reviews and transparent communication of a project’s status. It helps you identify areas where targets are not being met. With PQM as your project management tool, we can find and identify project risks and work with you to decide on actions to remedy those risks.

We take the following steps to ensure compliance with PQM standards:

  • Organizing configuration and maintenance of the PQM system (see Quality Control Plan)
  • Defining quality focuses
  • Creating a risk list with hazards and opportunities, responsibilities and actions
  • Periodic review of compliance with PQM standards and quality focuses using our Status Report tool
  • Consultations for ongoing updates and tracking of Quality Control Plan
  • Project audits at the end of construction phases, with involvement of planners

Another goal of PQM is to ensure that:

  • Organizational interfaces in the project are coordinated
  • All essential developer concerns and requirements are identified on time and high-risk quality focuses are incorporated at an early stage
  • Purposeful actions are used to minimize project risks and take advantage of opportunities

The entire project team is involved in the PQM process. The methodology is based on the 2007 Swiss SIA fact sheet. Another important foundation for the Quality Control Plan is the project manual, which contains the PQM requirements. But even with very strict quality assurance, PQM cannot take the place of technical expertise, social skills and dependability on the part of project participants.

EBP selects key people from inside the company who have outstanding knowledge of the subject, relevant experience and a strong teamworking background.

We offer the following services for financial planning:

  • Defining content and goals
  • Preparing a financial plan for the various project phases
  • Cost planning and resource planning
  • Design-to-cost strategies
  • Cost management